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London First response to Heathrow report, ‘Best placed for Britain’

In response to the publication of “Best placed for Britain” – a report from Heathrow Airport that says expanding Heathrow is “the quickest way for Britain to get ahead in the global race, connecting the UK to growing markets around the world faster and at less cost to the taxpayer than any other hub option”- John Dickie, Director of Strategy and Policy at London First, said:

“Heathrow is a critical national asset and a magnet for valuable and long-standing clusters of local jobs and businesses. The Airports Commission will rightly explore all options, but this report is yet another challenge to the idea that we should close Heathrow and build a new hub. It is further evidence that the most practicable solution to our long term aviation needs is to add new capacity at our existing airports.”

Read ‘Best Placed for Britain’ on Heathrow’s website

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