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Londoners back Cameron’s call for tougher Tube strike rules

In the context of David Cameron’s comments on the Andrew Marr Show promising tougher strikes laws, London First asked YouGov to poll Londoners on the recent Tube strike.

The results showed overwhelmingly support for calls to create a total voting threshold, whereby more than half the workforce would need to vote before a strike could be called.

The research showed that:

– 56 per cent support creating a total voting threshold (which David Cameron said he supported on Andrew Marr yesterday) below which no strike would be allowed – this was double the number of those opposing it
– Young Londoners are easily the most up for more stringent rules, with only 9% opposing it, but there was surprisingly strong support from Labour voters as well
– When it comes to banning strikes on the Tube it is much more finely balanced: 40% pro and 42% anti
– TfL has work to do on its marketing and getting its messages across…almost as many blame it as the RMT for the strike

Speaking about the findings, Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive of business group London First, said:

“It’s ridiculous the RMT can be the cause of such frustration to Londoners when only a small minority vote for strikes, while a large majority don’t vote at all.”

“London is one of the most dynamic, modern cities in the world and the latest Tube strike belonged firmly in the past – Londoners didn’t support it and neither did a large proportion of RMT voters.

“Londoners are reasonable people; despite the disruption repeated strikes have caused they don’t think strikes on the Tube should be banned.

“But the RMT needs to be careful in the court of public opinion because those supporting a total ban on Tube strikes are now almost number the same as those opposed and it’s the young that believe most strongly we need tighter rules.”

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