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London’s Fintech and the EU

London First is focusing on tech and entrepreneurship in the lead up to the European Union referendum.

The tech sector is the great success story of the past decade. There are now more people employed in the tech sector in London and the south east, than in the whole of California.

Fin Tech report

We’ve created more bn+ unicorn companies than any other European capital, and the European Digital City Index 2015 ranks London No1 in Europe for start-ups.

London First published new research on the capital’s £20bn FinTech industry – technology-driven services which are delivering innovation in finance.

London is the leading FinTech hub in the world by revenue, which helps its status as the financial capital of the EU. Highly mobile, this burgeoning sector could leave London if we leave the EU.

With economic analysis from KPMG, the report, London’s FinTech sector and the European Union, examines sentiment among some of the UK’s top FinTech companies on the possibility of a British exit from the UK. It considers the fundamental reasons behind FinTech’s success in London and the potential impact of Brexit on the sector.

Among the concerns they highlighted was the potential loss of freedoms of movement of goods, services, labour and capital – much of which mirror the concerns of all businesses, large and small.

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London First is campaigning for a vote to remain in the European Union. Promoted by Will Higham on behalf of London First: Remain in Europe, both at Middlesex House, 34-42 Cleveland Street, London W1T 4JE.

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