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Mayor needs new powers to dispose of surplus public land in London

ONS figures show a record annual house price increase of 20% in London.

Baroness Jo Valentine, chief executive of London First, said the record prices rises were not surprising as London’s population was growing much faster than its housing stock.

“London is suffering from a desperate lack of supply – we need to be building around 50,000 new homes a year in the capital and we are building less than half of that.

“With the city growing by around 100,000 people a year, demand is easily outstripping supply.
London First has backed Boris Johnson’s calls today for the Mayor to be given powers to identify and dispose of surplus public land in London.

“Across London there are empty sites and redundant buildings owned by the public sector that could be much better used for housing. But there is no body dedicated to actually identifying where all this land is, so actually getting round to selling it happens at a glacial pace, “ she said.

“First we need to give the Mayor the power to create a 21st Century Domesday Book for London so we know where this land is. Then we need to ensure he has the ability to get on with selling it using his trademark gusto.”

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