Keeping our capital working for the UK

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What people say

Lord Adonis – Labour Peer and former Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission

“It’s both a representative organisation and a campaigning organisation on behalf of London businesses and in both respects it does outstanding work.”

Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London

“… London First speaks for London businesses and that means the government hears what London businesses have to say.”

Sir Ian Powell – former Chairman and Senior Partner at PwC

“PwC and London First have campaigned on strategic issues that impact on London and the UK. Our involvement in the development of Supporting UK growth while balancing the budget, illustrates London First’s role perfectly – deploying business expertise to design and pursue pragmatic approaches to the challenges facing London.”

Ian Powell

Mike Brown – Transport Commissioner, TfL

“London First are fantastic in that they’re what you might describe as a critical friend.

“It’s really important […] that you get that pan-business perspective within London, with a London focus that really can help us form and shape our policy and delivery.”


Baroness Couttie – former Leader of Westminster Council

“Having a body that represents that broad cross-section of business that we can liaise with is extremely useful.”

David Tyler – Chairman, Sainsbury’s

“It’s an organisation […] that has huge knowledge of what’s going on in this huge city that we operate in.”

Chet Patel – President, BT in Continental Europe

“London First have helped make connections with other members such as the building community and when we’re rolling out network and infrastructure, cooperation with these channels is very important so they’ve provided an invaluable resource that helps us to speed things up.”


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