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Minicab regulation plans need a rethink

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a consultation on the regulation of private hire vehicles in the capital.  We endorse the need to make sure we have a regulatory framework that ensures public safety when it comes to new technologies and forms of service.

However, these proposals include a number of unduly restrictive measures, such as forcing operators to wait five minutes before picking passengers up, preventing operators from showing vehicles available for hire, requiring operators to have a fixed landline telephone and blocking the emergence of ridesharing.

We believe a better way of creating a level playing field between types of cab service would be by reducing regulation in the black cab sector – rather than by adding new red tape elsewhere.
Responding to the proposals, David Leam, Infrastructure Director at London First, said:

“Black cabs are a great brand, which will always be attractive to many Londoners and tourists. But they are expensive compared to taxis in other major cities and are not always available where and when consumers need them.

“These proposals do nothing to address these shortcomings. By making it harder for new companies to provide what consumers want, TfL has put itself on the wrong side of public opinion. The Mayor should run a mile from these ill-judged proposals and champion what consumers want.”

The consultation opens today (23 September 2015) and will run until 23 December 2015.
Further details can be found here.

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