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Navigating uncharted Brexit territory to keep London world-leading

Following her first morning at London First, Jasmine reflects on the member discussion she joined about how to ensure London continues to grow as a leading global hub:

My first morning at London First had a great start as I joined members for an in-depth discussion about how to keep London world-leading after Brexit.

There was strong agreement in the room that sustained business leadership will be critical in the coming months, and I was glad to hear first-hand our members’ thoughts on the role we should play.

Talent remains businesses’ number one concern. Access to the right mixture of talented people from the EU and beyond is critical to London’s success.

The relationship between London and the rest of the UK was another strong theme, especially on subjects where we have a common cause with other cities and regions, such as developing skills and building digital infrastructure.

A strong business voice as we negotiate Brexit is an urgent priority. Your feedback was that we have to focus our work on the critical issues, and ensure business expertise is not lost in upcoming conversations.

Over the coming months we will deliver analysis and advocacy on skills, economic growth and infrastructure investment to help address those critical issues, ensuring government is engaged with what we have to say.

I believe business has a golden opportunity to be on the front foot and shape government’s plans for Brexit. If we provide the right leadership, we can make the most of our changed relationship with Europe and bring real benefits to London, and the rest of the UK

I look forward to working with you all to create a positive vision for London, ensuring it remains the best place in the world to do business.

Jasmine Whitbread, Chief Executive

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