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Net migration target ‘goes against all common sense’

Theresa May has indicated that the net migration target will be included in the Conservatives manifesto.

Mark Hilton, head of immigration at business group London First, said:

”Theresa May’s suggestion that the Conservatives will include the net migration target in their manifesto seems to go against all common sense.

“At the very least, the government is just creating a rod with which to beat itself because it can’t control the large proportion of those coming here from the EU.

“But there’s also the important question of what damage this could do to the UK economy.

“The latest migration figures showed a significant rise in the number of foreign students coming to study here, as well as high-skilled workers that we need to fill talent shortages in our own workforce.

“While these are groups that boost our economy, as well as promoting Britain on the world stage, they are also the groups the government is going to have to clamp down on if it is to meet its ridiculous target.”

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