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New HS2 plans for Euston unveiled

Eleven new platforms for HS2 will be built at Euston station as part of a phased approach to ensure existing services can continue to operate, thereby reducing disruption for passengers – one of the criticisms of earlier plans.

The high speed station will be delivered in two stages:

  • The construction of six new high speed platforms and concourses to the west of the station to support the opening of HS2 Phase One (between London and the Midlands) high speed services in 2026
  • The construction of five further high speed platforms and concourses to support the opening of Phase Two (between London and Leeds/Manchester) high speed services in 2033

Full details can be found here.

The proposals also make provision for “underpinning support structures”, which would allow for development or other uses above the station. This would deliver, in HS2’s words “the flexibility for a future decision on the wider redevelopment and regeneration of the area.”
However, the plans do not cover redevelopment of the existing Network Rail station. This will remain the responsibility of Network Rail and is subject to future funding decisions and approvals.

The plans will now be submitted to parliament next week to be considered as part of the ongoing High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill process.

The new proposals have received a mixed reception.

On the one hand, the proposals set out a deliverable proposal for an HS2 station at Euston that minimises disruption for passengers.

On the other hand, we are concerned at the lack of an agreed plan and strategy for the overall Euston station site and surrounding area. We are also concerned at the limited detail on the scale of future development opportunity at the site.

The King’s Cross St Pancras redevelopment has shown the scale of opportunity generated by new transport schemes and we should be looking to realise something similarly successful at Euston. Camden Council has also expressed concerns about the potentially lengthy timescales of any redevelopment.

London First members will have the opportunity to hear more about these proposals and to contribute your views in some upcoming events with HS2 and Camden Council. Details will follow shortly.

For further details please contact David Leam,

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