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Notes from MIPIM: Impromptu connections

London First chief executive Jo Valentine sends us her thoughts from MIPIM.

12 March 2015, Thursday 12:10

Ah. I have just come from playing the piano on the Arup yacht! Well, and giving a brief speech on “transport leading to development”, followed by a discussion. Victoria Hills also spoke on the Old Oak Common Mayoral Development Corporation. Both a huge challenge and opportunity. Having both a Crossrail and HS2 station is quite something.

Prior to that saw Claire Kober, leader of Haringey council. All sorts of interesting bits and pieces – making sure we get speedy rail access to Stansted as soon as possible, the football club and its expansion plans, further regeneration plans around Tottenham Hale with a wonderful green lung. Good news on investment in rail access within London (known as the star project)

On to lunch with Segro (who of course own land around Old Oak Common; everything connects in MIPIM) – I think the biggest industrial land owner in London; Park Royal and much more, plus what was called the “Slough Estates” – important connection to Heathrow.

Last night someone described the Wormwood Scrubs greenbelt land as a “dogs’ toilet”, which should be traded for some much better open space.

Over and out.

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