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Osborne “hypocrisy” over immigration target

Commenting on the news that UK immigration has remained at 212,000, double the government’s target of under 100,000, Mark Hilton, Head of Immigration Policy at London First,  accused the government of hypocrisy over its arbitrary immigration target:

“Again we’ve been shown it’s EU migrants that are driving immigration numbers and there’s nothing we can do about that.

“Meanwhile George Osborne claims it is the ‘left and the populist right’ who want ‘pull up the drawbridge and shut Britain off from the world’, when the immigration target sends out precisely this message.

“They are cultivating a reputation of the UK as a place where the high-skilled talent we need, and the foreign students who flock to our universities, are unwelcome.

“Take overseas students – worth £10bn a year to the UK economy: the number of them starting courses in England has fallen for the first time in almost 30 years because the word is the UK has taken in the welcome mat.”

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