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Built environment

London’s population is projected to grow from 8.6 million to 10.2 million people by 2030.

On such population projections, London will need another 450,000 jobs over the next decade – and another 400,000 homes. These people will place additional strain on London’s existing resources –already heavily used and in places dating back to the Victorians.

So London must plan now for its future infrastructure needs. London needs homes, offices and other developments to support this growth and remain an attractive location for global business.

To support the efficient delivery of these vital developments, our planning objectives include:

  • Ensuring the planning system supports development and regeneration in London
  • Contributing a business perspective to national, regional and local policymakers, so that they recognise the complexity of development in London
  • Celebrating the role of planning in maintaining London’s world city status, to promote planning as a career choice and ensure departments are properly resourced

Key Themes

The London Plan

For the first time in almost a decade a new London Plan has been drafted for consultation. The Plan sets out the Mayor’s spatial development strategy that determines planning policy for the capital...

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West End Group

The West End is a long term driver of economic activity and critical to London’s success as a world city. As part of its commitment to improving London’s public realm, London First set up the...

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London Urban Transformation Commission

For the long term success of Greater London, what steps should be taken to accelerate development and create great places to live and work? London First has brought together practitioners from the...

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