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The London Plan

I can always rely on London First to be the voice of London business and bring together leaders from all sectors to discuss the big issues facing our city. In my own borough we are taking forward the biggest regeneration challenge in central London at Nine Elms and recognise the key input of London First to the capital’s transport and planning agenda

Cllr Ravi Govindia
Leader, London Borough of Wandsworth

The London Plan is the Mayor’s spatial development strategy that determines planning policy for the capital.

London First is committed to ensuring that development in the capital remains economically viable. We will monitor any further alterations to the Mayor’s London Plan to ensure that they will help promote the objectives in delivering the Mayor’s opportunity areas, housing requirements and promoting development across all land uses to meet the needs of a leading world city.

Working with and on behalf of our members, we contributed to the Plan and achieved a number of changes to the original proposals, including removing the concept of ‘overage’ (a sum which the vendor may be entitled to receive after completion if a specified condition is satisfied, such as the grant of a new planning permission or the construction of more than a specified number of houses) from policy and securing a broader approach to supporting small shops, recognising the importance of wider town centre improvements.

London First also contributed to the Mayor’s supplementary planning guidance on housing and on central London.

We also helped shape the London Plan Alteration, designed to enable the Mayor to collect Crossrail funding contributions from development. We successfully influenced the Mayor’s proposals to lessen the impact on development by including the consideration of viability; reducing the headline rate by broadening the uses beyond offices alone; and introducing a mechanism to address the impact of the charge on mixed use development.

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