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Transport and infrastructure

London’s continued success as a leading centre for world trade and commerce is critically dependent on free-flowing, frequent and predictable travel to and from the capital. Demand for the rail, road and air transport infrastructure that links London to the rest of the UK and the wider world continues to rise, as it has for decades. Much of it is at or near capacity and in many cases is ageing, heavily congested and lacks resilience when put under pressure.


Key Themes

Crossrail 2

Funding Crossrail 2 In 2013 London First set up a taskforce of senior business leaders to undertake further work on funding and financing options for Crossrail 2, a proposed new south-west to...

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London Infrastructure Summit

Our annual summit attracts over 500 delegates, and experts across business, national and London governement together with infrastructure providers. The 2018 event will take place on Wednesday 12...

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