Keeping our capital working for the UK


Projects and Partnerships:

  • Securing UK Borders. A report examining the implications of leaving the EU for UK border management. Sponsored by UBM.  
  • What are the Security and Resilience Implications of Brexit? A report examining the implications of leaving the EU as it might affect the private sector in London and beyond.
  • London Bridges. A factsheet that provides businesses with a short and focused overview of security-oriented organisations and agencies in and around London.
  • Safer Spaces Self-Assessment Scheme for Small Businesses. A survey tool to improve the security of buildings and spaces through a MOPAC-endorsed scheme. 
  • B2B Engagement for Better Security. A nine-step guide to help businesses appreciate the best practices when co-ordinating action with neighbours.
  • Business Community Resilience. A project that has resulted in a guide and an aide memoire to help improve resilience to local communities. An associated app (Application for Resilient Communities) will be launched in mid-2017.
  • Guidelines for Business: Responses to a Major Terrorist Attack. A guide approved, by NaCTSO, on what to do before and during the announcement of a ‘Critical’ threat level. A separate aide memoire lists the key security measures to be taken in the face of potential terrorist attack.
  • Joint London First / PwC Report on ‘Enterprise Resilience: A business imperative in an era of change’. See attached.
  • Tackling Cyber Crime. An initiative that helps business connect with the various police and law-enforcement agencies in tackling cyber-enabled crime.
  • Improved Information Sharing. An initiative to help improve information exchange between the public and private sectors.
  • Commissioner’s Informal Business Advisory Group. A regular meeting of leading business leaders with the MPS Deputy Commissioner on common issues that affect the capital.
  • Membership of Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communication (CSSC) hub, London Resilience Business Sector Panel (LRBSP), and London Climate Change Partnership (LCCP).




30 November. Workshop at UK Security Expo

Workshop. The second UK Security Expo will be held at Olympia on 29-30 November. The Security & Resilience Network will launch its Resilience First concept and Application for Resilient Communities (ARC) at a workshop on 30 November in the Henley Room 4 at 1030 to 1230. ARC is an app that has been designed in conjunction with partners, namely consultants Alchemmy and designers Both the programme and app are designed to provide business communities in defined urban areas with the information and tools to enable them to build and mature resilience for the greater good and success. The overall aim of the initiative is to create a network of leaders and practitioners who can together improve micro-city resilience through innovation, integration and best practice, thereby making a city safe, secure, smart, survivable and sustainable in the face of growing challenges. The session will include presentations and live demonstrations. If you wish to register then please go to this link.
Robert Hall, Director, Security & Resilience Network, London First
David Allen-Rogers, Senior Consultant, Alchemmy
Mathieu Gomez, Manager, Alchemmy
Ross Tuffee, Sales Director,

5 December. Masterminds’ Exchange with Nokia
Workshop. A group of senior directors from Nokia will be in London to exchange and collaborate with the brightest local minds in the area of public safety. The event is an exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge and experience. Topics to be discussed include: Smart Cities in 2030 – vision, main obstacles along the road and missing pieces to make it happen; The rise of offline and online terrorism – undiscovered opportunities and the role technology will play; and Industry 4.0 – roadmap towards global large-scale applications. This is a private, small-circle workshop by invitation only.


30 January. Designing Cities for a Safe Future
Breakfast Briefing. The need to make citizens and corporations feel safe from changing urban threats requires a judicious balance between reassurance through protective measures and the appearance of normality through open spaces. To generate a fortress response will be negative for long-term business, tourism and city living – and expensive. So what are the options for shaping a compromise that will sustain defences against potential shocks while minimising the worst effects of prolonged stress? This briefing will look at the dilemmas and offer some ideas on what a balance may look like and who is best placed to deliver it.
Chris Williamson, Managing Director, WestonWilliamson + Partners
Michael Center, Regional Security Adviser, United Nations Department of Safety and Security
Carolyn Dunlop, Risk Director, Debenhams, and Chair, Crowded Spaces Industry Exchange
John Deverell CBE, Managing Director, Deverell Associates
Supt Nick Aldworth, Head of London Protect, MPS
Chris Stephens, Security Advisor, Crossrail
Richard Bond, Senior Consultant, Resilience, Security & Risk, Arup
Sponsor and Host: WestonWilliamson + Partners

7 February. Briefing with the National Security Adviser, Mark Sedwill CMG

Evening Briefing and Private Dinner. Mark Sedwill CMG, the UK’s National Security Adviser, has agreed to give an evening briefing to members and then be the guest at a private dinner, both events being organised by London First and hosted by PA Consulting. Mark will give an after-dinner address on his views on the security state of the nation and the role of business in helping to fulfil that task.
Mark was appointed National Security Adviser in April 2017. Since joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1989, Mark has been held a number of high-profile positions, including as Ambassador to Afghanistan in 2009, and as NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan in 2010. Most recently, Mark held the position of Permanent Secretary at the Home Office from February 2013 until April 2017. The National Security Adviser is the Prime Minister’s senior adviser on national security issues. Mark is also Secretary to the National Security Council and Head of the National Security Secretariat.
Sponsor and Host: PA Consulting

6-7 March. Security and Counter Terror Expo

London First will be speaking and demonstrating Application for Resilient Communities (ARC).