Keeping our capital working for the UK


Aims & means

With London First representing companies that generate a quarter of London’s GDP, the Security and Resilience Network within London First is uniquely placed to help the private sector improve its security and resilience by working with official government departments and law-enforcement organisations to make the capital the safest place in the world to do business.

Our goals are fivefold:

  • Broaden and deepen the security agenda in the public- and private-sector space
  • Raise the awareness and relevance of resilience in the national and local contexts
  • Capture and transfer best practices for dealing with the security challenges faced by world cities
  • Help design out crime with the use of proactive, intelligent and technologically driven solutions
  • Improve organisational effectiveness by sharing leadership and management expertise.

We aim to do this by:

  • Providing a forum for discussion on, and advancement around, key issues of common concern
  • Encouraging innovation through collaboration between a wide range of security disciplines
  • Improving organisational effectiveness by sharing leadership and management expertise
  • Improving communication by acting as a key conduit for information sharing between the public and private sectors.

For the latest details on the Security & Resilience Network, please see here for a downloadable brochure.

To achieve the mission out to 2020, efforts will be directed at the strategic level and focused on where the greatest impact can be made. This means identifying the appropriate drivers that can deliver achievable objectives. Based on universal topics of concern, these are identified as:

  • Digital security;
  • Infrastructural and organisational resilience;
  • Personal and public security (including health security).

Within each of these three drivers, the principles of ‘prevent’, ‘protect’ and ‘prepare’ are common and will be central to the strategy. The principles mirror those of official, related strategies.

A fourth principle of ‘performance’ relates to the continuing work of the Leadership Exchange in helping raise standards in the police and other related agencies.

Deliverables: Drivers (Principles)

  • Digital security – a series of risk-awareness briefings to enhance protection against cyber-threats plus partnerships to advance better public-private co-ordination and information sharing (Prevent).
  • Infrastructural and organisational resilience – a conference / workshops and e-portal to promote understanding and application of resilience in business plus partnerships to develop a comparative city resilience index and resilience awards programme (Prepare).
  • Personal and public security – a set of initiatives to ensure safer spaces and better B2B engagement plus partnerships to develop tools and practices to assist individual safety and protection (Protect).
  • Leadership Exchange – a set of active leadership exchange / mentoring partnerships for the police, including the ‘Police Now’ incubator, plus new partnerships in new areas (Performance).