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Preparing for the new Mayor

The voting has taken place and the count is happening today, by this evening we should know who the next Mayor of London is.

The new Mayor will certainly make his own judgments about priorities, and where best to spend political capital and resources. London faces a range of distributional, health and environmental challenges, to name but three. The London 2036 agenda we produced in 2015, offers an evidence-based start point for economic development. We have distilled our priorities, to communicate what matters right now, when stepping into office.

London First has set out the key priorities that the new Mayor should focus on to keep London ahead of the game.

Building on our groundwork, influence and campaigns, we will be communicating the case for the immediate areas for action within the Mayor’s powers directly to the Mayor, and creating new mayoral engagement and opportunities which we will of course keep you posted on.


See our infographics on key priorities:

Creative hub Global Hub

Transport Housing

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