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Preparing for the next mayor

This week Bloomberg hosted an event to support our work in preparing for the next mayor.

The new mayor will take office on 6th May , at an extraordinary time for London – the population is larger than it ever has been with 8.7 million residents, and projected to grow to 10 million by the mid 2030s. Some reports even suggest we will reach megacity status sooner than that.

But there are challenges to be met, particularly around housing and transport.
London First briefed members on the upcoming Mayoral elections and thoughts on the key priorities for the next administration.

Realising future growth will require leadership and a willingness to mobilise the powers and resources of City Hall around a core set of jobs and growth priorities.

Transport imageTransport: Meet demand for transport and better manage capacity

For more contact: David Leam,



Housing imageHousing: Build 50K every year, requires a step-change in delivery of housing

For more contact: Jonathan Seager,



Global Hub imageGlobal Hub: Step change in the delivery of city promotion 

For more contact: David Lutton,



Creative hub image

Creative Hub: Support the growth sectors of London (Creative and Tech)

For more contact: Tim Scott,



Contact: David Lutton,

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