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Records broken at Skills London & new event announced

It was another record year for Skills London – London’s biggest jobs and careers event. Over 33,000 visitors came to ExCel in the Docklands to meet businesses looking to inspire and recruit the next generation of trainees and employees.

The event was buoyed by significant coverage of our, now annual, survey of hundreds of school leavers about their career hopes and dreams.

The research found that medicine, teaching, law were the most popular career aspirations. Banking, which was not a top 10 career choice last year, shot up to the fourth most popular career aspiration, from 11th last year – indicating a reputational rehabilitation of a sector that was hit hard as a result of the financial crisis.

But the poll also revealed a drop in confidence among the school leavers about their chances of landing their ideal job (six per cent down), or any job at all (seven per cent down).

On top of extensive print and broadcast coverage, London First Chairman, John Allan, also had a comment piece in City AM explaining the importance of firms engaging with members of so-called ‘Generation Z’.

Capital Talent

As London First’s Economic Development Agenda highlights, London’s unemployment rate is persistently higher than the UK average, lower-skilled workers are not benefitting from London’s growth and are being further squeezed, and skills gaps in the local population threaten to put a brake on our city’s development.

We aim to tackle this by launching a new jobs and careers event for adult Londoners – Capital Talent.

The event, delivered in partnership with Prospects, will put thousands of Londoners who are looking for work or to progress in their career, in front of many of London’s leading employers.

We plan to run the inaugural event on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March 2016 at ExCel London, and we will be writing to your organisation shortly to discuss how you might get involved.

In the meantime, for more information please click here.

Contact: Mark Hilton,

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