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Resilience Resource Exchange launched to provide resilience expertise

The Resilience Resource Exchange (Hub) is the result of several conversations with professionals, who collectively have identified a need for thought leadership in the field of resilience.

The primary objective is to create a knowledge exchange on resilience in support of individuals and organisations from the academic, voluntary, public and private sectors, by promoting a better understanding of concepts and evidence-based good practice.

An e-library will be the heart of the Exchange. The portal will store –

  • a body of relevant publications, current standards and guidelines;
  • comment on issues of strategic, organisational, societal and personal resilience; facilitate active exchange by its users in the knowledge transfer process;
  • promote relevant conferences, organisations, research centres and staff;
  • provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas;
  • and, allow Network members and vendors to showcase services and support.

The Exchange will allow access by contributors, members and affiliates of the London First Network to knowledge that could not easily be gleaned through any existing channels.

The interactive capability that allows issues to be explored and challenges set and answered in real time will make the platform both dynamic and current.

The forthcoming Global Resilience Summit, on 15 October, will see the Resilience Resource Exchange formally launched to delegates.

Contact: Robert Hall,

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