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Response to TfL announcement (15 Oct) on fares, C-charge changes and the TfL Business Plan

Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive of business organisation London First, said:

“London’s commuters will give a big thumbs-down to higher fares, but the Mayor has difficult choices to make. He should ensure that central costs are pared, while some nice-to-haves might no longer be affordable.

“Boris has put longer term benefits of investing in transport capacity and reliability ahead of the short term pain of above-inflation fare increases. Most business leaders would reluctantly accept that as the right principle – the national Tories should give similar priority to transport investment, if elected.

“However, almost half of bus passengers and up to a third of Tube passengers pay nothing at all. When we’re searching down the back of the sofa for every last penny to pay for better transport, should those in work but over 60 years old still be travelling in the rush hour for free?”


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