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Revised London Plan – comment on Planning Inspector’s Report

In response to the Planning Inspector’s report into the revised London Plan, Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive of business organisation London First, said:

“The inspector has introduced some common sense into the Mayor’s policy on Heathrow. Of course the environment – both local and global – can’t be ignored when considering whether to permit investment in improvements for Heathrow.  We should introduce proper environmental measures and incentives, to ensure air travel plays its part, alongside other industries and sectors in addressing climate change.  But a dogmatic ‘no expansion – ever’ policy is unsustainable for a globally successful London. For London to continue to flourish as a world city, our people need to be able to meet with their colleagues, customers and suppliers around the world.  That means a properly resourced airport.

“There is also much to recommend the Inspector’s insertion of flexibility into the requirements for on site renewable energy on new developments.  The option of area-basis renewable power generation has been given a boost by their recommendation that it be incorporated into policy.  Developers are ready to work with the Mayor and local planning authorities, but a flexible approach will generate more innovative solutions.”

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