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Security & Resilience implications of Brexit

The referendum decision has caused many companies to consider the broader security consequences of Brexit. Our Security & Resilience Network hosted a briefing which asked leading figures from the City and London First membership to give their assessment of the new landscape.

Speakers included:

  • Sir David Veness CBE QPM, Chairman of the Network’s Advisory Board;
  • John Barradell OBE, Chief Executive at The Corporation of London;
  • Howard Dawber, Managing Director, Strategy, at Canary Wharf Group; and
  • Stefan Gershater, Director, UK&I Advisory at EY.

The need for increased corporate self-help and reliance, better B2B engagement in both the geographical and sectoral senses, and the importance of building confidence in process and expertise were all key themes.

Remarks from the speakers included:

European security co-operation

“Analysis should be the starting point for evaluating the longer term security implications of Brexit. A forensic profile of threats to London is defined by globalisation and internationalism.”

“London is predominantly an international city and thus our most dangerous threats are international in origin. This suggests that international and especially European security co-operation is an asset to the security of London, and international co-operation enhances our prospects of monitoring terrorist innovation.”

“The EU gives us access to shared security resources such as the European Arrest Warrant and pooled information on airline passengers and criminal records. The good news is that a lot of this access is based upon practical co-operation as opposed to a requirement from Brussels. It is in everyone’s mutual interest for this co-operation to exist and continue.”

Business voice

“London is a composite of many communities. Fear, distrust and racially motivated violence are all corrosive and divisive. The business community has a really important voice and a great capacity for private action to combat community tension and division.”

“Brexit does offer an opportunity for resilience professionals to influence and illustrate their confidence in the tried and tested methods that they use to deal with shocks.”

“Over its history, the people of London, from all nations, have pulled together on the basis of trade, not of force, and on the basis of mutual benefit.”

“London has the skills, the products, services, and knowledge to be hugely attractive across the globe. We still have some of the brightest talent in the world, a stable regulatory framework, and a rule of law which you can’t underestimate in commercial terms.”

“As a business community, through London First and other sectoral bodies within the industry, there should be more engagement to promote business interests. Business must also be clear with government as to what it is that we want. We shouldn’t assume that they already know.”

Contact: Robert Hall,

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