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Snapping into focus, to get Britain Brexit-ready

Jasmine Whitbread, CEO, London First

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A ‘snap general election’ must be just that; a short diversion, on route to Brexit-ready Britain. Any future government must give business the assurances it is looking for, and not be deviated by political noise.

We’ll be asking each party how they will meet London’s business needs to keep our capital globally competitive, for the benefit of the whole country:

  • How will we secure the infrastructure; the housing, the transport we need to keep our economy on top?
  • How will you assure businesses that they’ll have access to the skilled work-force of the future?

On the hot topic of talent, we’ve given the future government a helping hand, with our Facing Facts report on London’s migration, with PwC. We’ll be looking to see that these facts inform any future government’s approach to immigration.

We’ve already set an agenda for jobs and growth in the capital through our London 2036 report. If we get this right, this vision could drive economic prosperity for the whole country, with an extra £146bn.

We’ll be pushing for our new government to make this vision a reality.

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