Keeping our capital working for the UK

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London vulnerable to brain drain of EU millennials as many consider leaving the capital

Nearly two thirds (64%) of London’s under 30, high-skilled EU nationals are considering leaving the UK in the next five years – adding to a significant skills shortage in the capital. –This...

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Business welcomes a transition phase, but it isn’t the answer

[su_table] Dr David Lutton, Executive Director, Policy Natasha Ryan, Programme Manager, Brexit [/su_table] After a summer with little progress on negotiations, we heard last...

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Business split over benefits of a Brexit transition period

40% expect a positive impact but one in three unsure it will help them make decisions Transition agreement needs to be in place by June 2018 to realise benefits Most businesses want a one to...

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Immigration announcements; more smoke and mirrors?

Mark Hilton, London First Policy Director, Skills Immigration policy is undoubtedly the huge hurdle in Brexit negotiations, and the number one priority for business. This week, Amber Rudd...

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Business calls for action on UK’s air connections

Influential business group, London First, has called for urgent action from government to secure the UK’s position as a global trading hub - in addition to delivering on Heathrow expansion. The...

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