Keeping our capital working for the UK

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Brexit needs business views

John Dickie, Executive Director of Strategy and Policy, London First  Getting the right terms for Britain’s future relationship with the EU is the most important challenge any government has...

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The Battle for No. 10 – over before it began?

John Lehal, CEO, Four Public Affairs There is just over a week to go before the general election but the battle for Number 10 is over. I write, of course, about Bank Holiday Monday’s televised...

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The party positions on business priorities

The UK’s three biggest parties have now published their manifestos, outlining their positions on London First’s priorities to keep our capital globally competitive. All three parties have...

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Housing at the heart of the manifestos

Guest blog from David Talbot, Director, FTI Consulting Public Affairs The housing crisis is so daunting in scale, and possible solutions so politically fraught, that historically politicians of...

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