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TfL’s Santander Cycles for businesses

TfL’s Santander Cycles bike hire scheme has a new type of account that may appeal to your staff.

Business Accounts gives unlimited access to hire bikes for staff. Businesses can choose to buy:

  • Up to 20 pooled keys for £90 each. These give unlimited access for a year, with all journeys under 30 minutes free. Longer journeys are charged to the business account;
  • A key for a particular staff member for £90, with longer journeys charged to their bank account.
  • 24-hour (£2) or yearly codes (£90) to give away to guests or customers. Suited to the hotel, leisure and tourism industries.

Payment can be made by either credit card or Direct Debit payment and using cycles has obvious health benefits for staff. The full details are on TfL’s website.

Contact: Richard Dilks,

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