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Totally Thames

In the wake of London’s exceptionally successful 2012 Olympic Games, London First created the ‘London First Fund’ which is being invested in a small number of innovative third party projects to help maintain London in the international spotlight and deliver long-term benefit to London’s economy.

One of the projects is Totally Thames, an annual, month-long celebration that will bring the river to life throughout the month of September with art, music and community festivals. There will also be colourful regattas, river races, foreshore explorations, environmental activities, and river-linked activities run by charities and voluntary organisations across the 42-mile London stretch of the Thames.

You can read more about the fantastic line-up of activities on the Totally Thames website.

Delivered by the Thames Festival Trust in partnership with London First, London & Partners, and partners across the 17 London riverside boroughs, Totally Thames will build on the events run during September with an online conversation about the river continuing on social media throughout the year.

Contact: Sian Morgan,

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