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Tube staff prefer redundancy to fighting ticket office closures

New figures show Tube staff are flocking to take the redundancy option rather than fight ticket office closures.

Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive of business group London First, said the RMT leadership was holding London to ransom with no clear mandate from either its supporters or the city’s residents.

“Where jobs are being lost, staff are flocking to take up redundancy rather than fighting the changes,” she said.

“We have learned that in the past three weeks, over 1,000 TfL staff have requested a quote for voluntary severance and nearly 450 people have made a formal application to leave (TfL is seeking a net reduction of 750 staff). 

“Along with natural turnover, this means that TfL will soon have reached the numbers needed to avoid compulsory redundancies. 

“All this is before you remember only one in three RMT members voted for the strike, with a majority not voting at all.

“The city’s residents aren’t on side either. A recent poll showed four out five Londoners agree that it makes sense to move staff out of ticket offices into ticket halls, as well as onto gate lines and platforms.

“With just three per cent of Tube journeys now involving a visit to a ticket office that’s hardly surprising.

“It makes you wonder just who the RMT management are fighting for.”

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