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Tube strike ensures Londoners will endure more frustration

Commenting on the upcoming Tube strikes, Baroness Jo Valentine, chief executive at London First, said:

“The news of this latest strike threat baffles those millions of Londoners who rely on the Tube.

“Everyone was led to believe that all of the outstanding issues had been resolved in February – otherwise, why did the unions call off their strike action then? Whatever the pros and cons of the respective sides’ positions, the prospect of more disruption is a depressing one for Londoners.

“Revamping the Tube so that it meets the 21st century needs of the World’s leading city is vital.

“But surely this shouldn’t yet again be at the expense of Tube users – as ever, the innocent victims, particularly those who don’t get paid if they can’t get to work. Why should they have to endure frustration and huge inconvenience yet again?”


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