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Vince Cable right on “arbitrary cap” says London First

In response to Vince Cable’s comments this morning reported by the BBC, Baroness Jo Valentine, chief executive of London First said:

“Vince Cable has hit the nail on head when he calls the government’s net migration target an “arbitrary cap” which “almost certainly won’t achieve” its target.

“London First has been calling for the target to be reviewed, specifically to stop classifying international students, who are here temporarily, as permanent migrants.

“International students are counted within the net migration target which the prime minister wants to reduce to less than 100,00 per year.

“The importance of encouraging foreign students coming to the UK should not be underestimated – this is our eighth biggest export industry, valued at £8 billion.

“The latest ONS figures show a small rise – 3% – in study visas overall, which is to be welcomed. But they mask a worrying decline in our traditional markets, with the number of Indian students being granted visas falling 24%.

“This policy is damaging our reputation abroad and perpetuates the perception that the UK is not a welcoming place.”

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