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WATCH: Continuing dialogue for a safer London

Our Security & Resilience Network hosted an event in December on the lessons of the attacks in Paris.

The recent terrorist attacks in the French capital have marked a significant change in the attack profile of IS in Europe. The targeting of sites such as restaurants and theatres, with the aim of causing mass casualties, means there are immediate lessons for businesses to learn in order to prevent or mitigate such attacks elsewhere.

Commander Richard Walton, Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner, told delegates that counter-terrorism related arrests had increased by 64% in the last three years compared with the previous three years.

Since the briefing, business security specialists in Paris and London have continued to co-operate and highlight the compelling benefits of public/private sector initiatives, as well as the full range of guidance and advisory materials.

In the UK, a ‘Stay Safe‘ video was launched by the National Police Chiefs’ Council with an encouragement to implement into internal corporate staff training.

Watch the video here:

Parisian business experience since November has underlined the relevance and usefulness of crisis management plans which are rehearsed and ready to be put in place.

Linked to this readiness is the clear benefit of senior corporate leadership involvement on the subject of business safety and security.

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