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We must remain open to international talent

While the fallout from the Amber Rudd party conference speech was reverberating across business, our chief executive, Baroness Jo Valentine, was meeting the immigration minister, Robert Goodwill, at the Conservative Party Conference to cut through on all the noise and discuss putting in place the building blocks for the post-Brexit immigration system, as it will relate to both EU and non-EU migration.

London First has a strong track record of working sensibly and constructively behind the scenes with the Home Office on work, student, tourist and border policy and that will not change with the new government.

Responding to the speech, Mark Hilton, London First’s immigration policy director, said:

“Companies are increasingly investing in their local communities, offering training and apprenticeships from engineering to finance. But we also need access to skills and experience from around the world, to people that can give our businesses a competitive edge. Now, more than ever, we must remain open to international talent.”

Mark was quoted in the Financial Times.

Robert Goodwill will meet members in the autumn, if you would like to attend please contact: Mark Hilton,

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