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What role should the financial markets play?

The Bank of England will be bringing together stakeholders at an Open Forum in November, to look at the financial markets and what challenges face the sector following the financial crisis.

Representatives from financial markets, industry, the media, academia, civil society and the policymaking communities will participate on the day in London at the Guildhall.

The Bank are conducting a poll across a range of different constituencies, including students, the general public and Open Forum participants, but would like to extend this poll to the business community to gather its view. The survey can be found here.

The results of the poll will be used as a starting point for the day, and in particular to feed in to the opening session, which will consider the role of financial markets within the economy.

The questions are necessarily quite high-level, given the breadth of participants who will be polled. They seek to assess the extent to which markets are perceived to be effective and to operate with a “social license”.

More information on the Open Forum can be found on the Bank’s website.

Contact: David Lutton,

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