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Why business leaders should be interested in resilience

In a survey last year of members and clients, London First and PwC asked leaders in industry about their views on resilience and, specifically, the resilience of their own organisations.

Are orgs resilient enoughThe four key findings were that:

  • Senior leaders take a strategic approach to resilience but the management information they receive tends to be operationally focussed.
  • More resilient organisations evolve to remain relevant and viable.
  • The culture of an organisation is critical to resilience.
  • Joined-up thinking and actions will deliver resilience.

Most respondents saw the task in terms of short-term recovery but even so only 22% of respondents believed their organisation was fully equipped to survive disruptions and major incidents.

A similar percentage (23%) believed their organisation was resilient for the longer term but just over a third (37%) believed there was a clear understanding of what makes their organisation more resilient.

What about the future

From interviews and other research carried out by PwC, it is clear that organisations that embrace change were likely to be much more successful – and resilient – in the long term when compared with those businesses that pursue traditional plans.

The report can be found here.

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