21 April 2021 9:30am – 10:30am

COVID-19 has added a further layer of complexity to the challenges that London’s housing market already faces. Government has taken action to support housebuilding but the industry must think creatively as to how they can deliver more housing. Partnership working is one such model which can be used to help secure new investment and deliver efficient mechanisms to keep the pipeline of new development in London going. Following on from a series of roundtables held between London First members and borough leaders on the theme of housing partnerships, the roundtables identified several benefits but also challenges to partnership working between the public and the private sector. The convened Housing Partnerships Working Group is tasked with exploring these challenges and opportunities and will guide the production of a short report on the topic with a view to highlighting the advantages of working in partnership as a mechanism for delivery, the different types of partnerships that exist, and drawing on best practice examples and case studies, what can be achieved though effective partnerships. 

Working Group - Invitation only

For further information contact: spollitt@londonfirst.co.uk