3 April 2019 6:00pm – 8:30pm
In October 2018, Chancellor Philip Hammond gave the go ahead for plans for up to one million new homes being built between Oxford and Cambridge by 2050 to boost it as a world-leading economic place’. 
In addition, the Chancellor also announced an extra £20 million for the relaunch of the Varsity line running between Oxford and Cambridge. With development slowing in London and questions being raised about its ability to deliver the homes it needs, as well as economic growth in Oxford, Cambridge, and Milton Keynes outstripping other parts of the country is it now time to look just outside the M25 for a new generation of new homes?  Our panel of experts will look at the opportunities and challenges that come with the delivery of a million homes and what this could mean for London’s future. 
Invitation only

Hosted by AECOM

For more information email: lfevents@londonfirst.co.uk