13 December 2018 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Invitation only

The cold, hard facts are clear: migration has been good for Britain. Our open and outward-looking approach to talent and trade has made us the successful, innovative, entrepreneurial nation that we are today. People come to the UK and contribute, fill skills gaps, start businesses and create jobs. 

On 29th March2019, freedom of movement between the EU and UK comes to an end and the Government will press re-set on the immigration rules. It’s crucial we get this right: business needs access to people who have the right skills to power jobs and growth, and the public wants reassurance that the right controls are in place. 

Join us at this event to hear from senior speakers from business, politics, and unions to debate the contribution migration makes to the UK, and what the post-Brexit immigration system should look like. 

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