5 March 2019 6:00pm – 9:00pm

The cold, hard facts are clear: migration has been good for Britain. Our open and outward-looking approach to talent and trade has made us the successful, innovative, entrepreneurial nation that we are today. People come to the UK and contribute, fill skills gaps, start businesses and create jobs.

The Immigration White Paper has finally been published, setting out what the future system could look like. In parts it is encouraging – blunt caps and quotas are to be axed. In other areas, less so –Government evidence says the UK could be up to £4bn poorer as a result of the proposals. 

The Government wants to hear the views of business and there is much to play for, particularly on the crucial issue of vital lower skilled workers. We must get this right: business needs access to people who have the right skills to power jobs and growth, and the public wants reassurance that the right controls are in place. 

Join us at this panel event with senior speakers from business, politics, and academia including: Kate Green MP, Chair of the Migration APPG & Member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Professor Jonathan Portes, King’s College London and Mark Reynolds, CEO of Mace to discuss the contribution migration makes to the UK, and what the post-Brexit immigration system should look like.  

Invitation only

For more information email: lfevents@londonfirst.co.uk