The new London Plan; a London First perspective

We have set out our recommendations for amendments and key changes to the Draft London Plan on a number of strategic and detailed policies; we believe these recommendations will enable the Plan to better achieve its strategic growth targets and to ultimately deliver more homes and jobs. 

Everything you need to know about build to rent in London 

This report provides an overview of why build to rent is relevant to London and the many housing challenges the city faces, the benefits that such development can bring such as helping to increase housing supply, and an explanation of key issues that boroughs will need to consider when thinking about build to rent schemes in their areas.

Seizing the Opportunities- a new approach for transforming London

We have brought together practitioners and consulted widely to consider why London has struggled to transform many of its Opportunity Areas and similar locations into productive places. We identify what is needed to help accelerate progress to create great places to live and work, at pace, volume, quality and affordability for the long-term success of London.

Not just a pretty place — placemaking study 2017

Successful development is not simply a matter of building more homes and offices, and regeneration cannot be best imposed from above. This placemaking study summarises the views of London’s business community, in a series of recommendations based on collective experience and case studies.

Unlocking London’s Residential Density 

Exploring how a new approach to daylight and sunlight guidance for dense urban environments is one of the key components to achieving a significant
increase in housing and maintaining good quality amenity.