The Role of Private Capital

Should private investment in the UK’s infrastructure be increased whilst public sector balance sheets are constrained post Covid-19? And, if so, what are the new models that are politically viable for facilitating this?

Transport Funding Reform

Where could new sources of funding for London’s transport pipeline come from in the levelling up era? Could new transport funding models be rolled out across the UK?

The Road to Full Fibre and 5G

Full fibre and 5G rollout is needed to future proof our digital infrastructure, but London lags behind: what can the private and public sector do to speed up deployment of these technologies?

Data as vital infrastructure

What if the ability to track, trace and communicate risk of Covid-19 infections was integrated through transport networks, restaurants and research institutions? The social impact through the sharing and collective use of data across public and private spheres is limitless. The session explores how better collaboration between the public and private sector can unlock the potential of data as vital infrastructure resource for the capital.

Net Zero by 2050

This session looked at the decarbonisation challenge of the next Mayoral term and discuss what business and London’s government need to do to accelerate the delivery of a decarbonised economy in London.