The road to COP26: delivering skilled workers for London’s transition to a net zero economy

As London starts to recover from the pandemic, attention is on how we ​‘build back better’, with COP26 taking place in the UK this year, ambitious targets set to move towards a net zero economy, and a government commitment to create two million green jobs in the UK over the next decade. But there are key questions to answer: what do we mean by green jobs? What are the specific green skills we’ll need now and in the future? How do we build an inclusive, green workforce? This roundtable brought together leading businesses, educators and policy makers to tackle these questions and identify what’s required for green London.

Inspirational Leaders Series: Ann Cairns and Laurence Taylor

A special leadership event which celebrates Leadership Exchange, our peer to peer mentoring programme between senior police and business leaders. This conversation related around the unique challenges of leading through the COVID-19 pandemic and the journey towards recovery.