17 September 2019 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Skilling London series: Launch event

Why must business, government and the education system collaborate on skills?

Join us and Jules Pipe, the Deputy Mayor for Skills, for the formal launch of our new skills series, kindly sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group. This marks one year on from London First’s Employment and Skills Action Plan.

The series looks at London’s future workforce challenges, as we navigate our way through Brexit and beyond, bringing together those leading the charge on skills in the capital around a mission to grow London’s talent and skills.

In partnership with Lloyds Banking Group

22 September 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm

The London Reception - Labour Party Conference

Inside the secure zone
Invitation only

Join us at our annual London reception, hosted by Peabody, to kick off the Labour Party conference.

Amongst our guests, we look forward to welcoming politicians and other opinion formers from across the capital.

The reception will present an excellent opportunity to discuss the priorities for London business, whilst strengthening relationships. 

Sponsored by Peabody

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The role of private capital in securing London’s future infrastructure

Infrastructure Funding and Financing Working Group report

Moving Forward Together

Businesses across the country know the value of good transport infrastructure. But the UK does not have a strong track record. As this report notes, we have lagged behind our international competitors for much of the last 25 years. If we are serious about confronting the challenges of productivity, the environment, and reuniting the country, then we must address the systemic underinvestment in the UK’s transport infrastructure. A report with WPI Economics

Tourist Information

Tourist Information: Mapping the local value of international visitors’, from London First and EY, based on insights from Mastercard and Airbnb data, reveals that £2.8bn is being spent each year around TfL fare zones 2 – 3, in a halo zone” of boroughs including Tower Hamlets, Islington, Camden, Greenwich and Hackney.

Everything you need to know about build to rent in London — second edition

This report – the second edition – provides an updated overview of why build to rent is relevant to housing in London, the benefits it can bring, and an explanation of key issues that boroughs need to consider when thinking about build to rent in their local areas.

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