London Data Commission

As the Mayor’s London Datastore celebrates its tenth anniversary, the London Data Commission will seek to be the authoritative business voice on our capital’s data and help kick-start data-led solutions to London’s housing, transport and skills challenges

What are the incentives to share data?

How will we address the big issues in data sharing?

How can we enable data sharing?

A reformed sponsorship model - Campaigning to keep the UK at #FullStrength

How do we improve the platforms, processes and governance that enable data sharing?

The London Data Commission will make practical recommendations to help solve:

… the big issues for London where data sharing could be transformative and achieve breakthroughs

… and how the public and the private sectors can work together to create a data ecosystem that provides solutions to these big issues for Londoners

We will deliver this through case studies, pilots and research over the next six months

London Data Commission members

London Data Commission timelines

2 December 2019
11 February 2020
April 2020
15 May 2020
8 June 2020
September 2020

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