“London First speaks for London businesses and that means the government hears what London businesses have to say.” 

-Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

"London First is one of the most significant organisations in London to facilitate dialogue between central and local government and the business community. The breadth and depth of their knowledge regarding policy, current issues and trends and the concomitant impact on our industry forms an important platform for collaboration, open communication, understanding and mutual support. Dar are proud and active members of London First and derive great benefits from our membership "

-Andrew Loudon, Managing Director, Dar UK

"London First is an excellent source of expertise and knowledge on current policy thinking and plays an important, influential role within the city. They have always been a very collaborative organisation, providing a platform for support and communication between businesses and local government, paving the way for positive change. "

-David Cowans, CEO, Places for People

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