Annual General Meeting — Annual report summary 2021

Annual Report summary for our Annual General Meeting 2021.

Beyond the horizon 

A London First discussion paper on the urgency of strategy and support for the UK’s international connections

Budget 2021 Representation 

Budget 2021 Representation 

Consultation Response: Supporting housing delivery and public service infrastructure

Transport in London — New solutions for a changing city

London First & Arup outline options to secure the long-term future of transport and keep the capital competitive, including further devolution, smart road pricing and fares reform

Who lives in Build-To-Rent?

This report, by London First, British Property Federation and United Kingdom Apartments Association (UKAA), is a snapshot analysis of ten developments across London, and the diverse nature of their residents.

Commercial property in London: what matters now?

During the summer and early autumn, we spoke to a cross-section of our members who own and develop commercial property in Central London, alongside our members who are their advisors and tenants, to
understand the main issues currently facing the sector and the implications for the wider public policy challenges facing London.

An international travel testing regime to get business moving

A letter to the Global Travel Taskforce, from our Chief Executive, Jasmine Whitbread, on an international travel testing regime to get business moving.

Business Manifesto for Delivering Net Zero Carbon in London

Our report in partnership with WSP, and supported by our Net Zero Carbon Working Group, sets out the ambitious commitments and actions required by business to meet the capital’s decarbonisation challenge, and the key priorities for London’s government over the next mayoral term.

Business Rates Review: Call for Evidence — Tranche 1

Business Rates Review: Call for Evidence — Tranche 2

Changes to the Current Planning System — London First response

Planning for the Future: Consultation Response

Our consultation response on the Government’s proposed reforms of the planning system. The White Paper was published back in August and this response brings together London First and our members’ take on potentially the biggest overhaul of the planning system since 1945.

Comprehensive Spending Review 2020 submission

Comprehensive Spending Review 2020 submission

Data for London — Recommendations from the London Data Commission

Westminster City Plan 2019 – 2040: Hearing statements

London First written statements submitted in connection with the Westminster City Plan examination.

Skilling London

Our report in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group calls for more attention to be paid to transferable skills to drive a step-change in London’s skills performance.

Getting our capital back to growth

This paper summarises the immediate actions needed from London’s businesses and policymakers as the city unlocks. It is supported by a number of underlying working papers which, given the fluidity of the situation, are being regularly updated

Utilities and digital, the planning system, commercial property and housebuilding

Working paper that underpins the built environment sections of Getting London back to growth”

Higher education, London’s workforce and skills provision

Working paper that underpins the workforce and education sections of Getting London back to growth”

Keeping London moving: transport

Working paper that underpins the transport sections of Getting London back to growth”

Getting Apprentices Back to Work

Our report with North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT) details a seven-point plan to save apprenticeship system including increased flexibility in the use of Levy funds to financial relief for Levy-funded apprenticeships 

Joint business groups letter on recovery to the Prime Minister

London First and a group of leading business groups and associations in the capital wrote to the Prime Minister with a list of actions and steps to take during recovery from the crisis. 

First Homes consultation response

Our response to the First Homes consultation.